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CG Studio Map is the premier open-data center of the computer graphic industry. Come in: update, share or simply read the content.


CG Studio Map project is an initiative that promotes and celebrates open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and community development. Anyone can freely update, edit and share the content.

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Open source project

CG Studio Map project is now open source, the source code is available for modification and/or enhancement by anyone. Programmers as well as other members can contribute by improving all the source code and by sharing the changes within the community.

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Open Data

As an Open data website, our data are freely available to everyone to use and republish as you wish, without restrictions in the only purpose of developing the community.

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CG Studio Map team is working on developing the website, today is a map that allows you to find studios worldwide, tomorrow we would like to develop a job hunting tool…

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Santa Monica, United States
Advertising VFX


Bellevue, United States

Cryptic Studios

Los Gatos, United States

Shade VFX

Fair Oaks, United States
Advertising VFX

Trace VFX

West Hollywood, United States


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